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Key Definitions and Documents associated with the DTC process

Brokerage Agreement: Agreement between the issuer and the individual Brokerage Firm.

Terms Agreement: The details of the CD terms agreed to by ICD and you, the issuer. You will need to execute a terms letter for each DTC CD issued. The details outlined in this document are as follows:

Letter of Representation: A one time document that is signed by your institution and forwarded directly to DTC. This document must be executed prior to your first DTC issuance and is a DTC standard agreement. For more information please visit www.dtcc.com.

Negotiable Master Certificate: The actual negotiable certificate of deposit that your institution will set up on its books. All the Certificates that are issued through the DTC market are set up under “Cede & Co., as nominee of the Depository Trust Corporation.” There is one Master Certificate per each issued CUSIP ID number. The CUSIP ID number is issued by Standard & Poors to identify each individual offering.

Certificate of Deposit Disclosure Agreement: This document is presented to the beneficiary owner from the selling dealer.

Selling Group Agreement: This document is executed between the underwriter and its selling group members.

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